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Repro 1 & 5 'Not So Subtle' Soundset

My First Official Soundset Release!

Now 33% Off!

This is a soundset created for Repro 1 & 5 (available here The 'Not So Subtle' soundset includes around 300 presets. All presets were initially designed and created for use in my own tracks. These are technically sounds that have been used in at least a dozen of different released production music. Think big Trailer hits, Swooshes, Creative Soundscapes for Underscoring, FX, Transitions, Big Basses, BRaaAahms, EDM Neuro Reeses, EDM Pads, Cinematic Pads, Underscore Pulses, Horror FX, Thrilling and SciFi Leads.

I truly believe this soundset will spark new creativity and will make your Repro feel like a fresh new soft synth.

Included Patches: 

11 Percussion & Drum Patches

52 Basses 

49 FX & Soundscapes 

62 Lead Patches

48 Pads 

26 Plucks 

9 Pulses

20 Sequences

33 Arpeggiated Patches 

Please check out the walkthroughs below thoroughly to see if this is for you or not, since I will not be able to give a refund after the soundsets have been downloaded and installed. Thank you and hope you enjoy the new sounds!

Flash Sale! Available for 17 Euro's  (33% Off)

Repro 5 'Not So Subtle' Soundset Walkthrough
Repro 1 'Not So Subtle' Soundset Walkthrough
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