Adds a reversed version of source  with volume control

This knob controls the Lowpass Filter amount 

Controls the Attack and Release of source

Displays the amount of any parameter changed in real time

This button bypasses all effects and inserts 

This knob controls the Delay amount

This knob controls the reverb amount 

The three different tabs

The ability to pan every source seperately

Adds width to instrument

Controls the Volume of original Source

Adds Volume of Octave source

Adds or cuts Low, Lowmid, Highmid and High db to source

Changes the affected frequency of the EQ 

Changes the Reverb length and Size

Shows the amount of any parameter changed in real time

Adds Saturation, Chorus, Phaser and Distortion

Changes the depth, speed and damping

Tips & Tricks

Hold Shift when adjusting parameters for extra precision. 

For all the Acoustics Folder Unfold patches, first press the little bypass button on the bottom left twice if you want to add distortion, or saturation. This was a decision to make sure the acoustic sources do not get processed unless desired so. 

Automate the attack and release on the acoustics unfold patches throughout your composition for more variation and movement

Press the right mouseclick on any knob or slider to add your own desired CC 

Almost all patches have a Modwheel function assigned so always make sure you wiggle it before playing/recording to ensure the volume and/or dynamics crossfade amount/automation is as desired


Full License For Native Instruments Kontakt 6 (VST/AU/AAX) (this library is NOT compatible with the FREE kontakt PLAYER)

Contains Around 7.000 separately recorded samples, so requires 14,88 GB (compressed from 18 GB) of minimum hard drive space 

Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo and/or Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2

Please Note: the Unfolding Patches With the Reverse and Octaves added and some of the Multi Patches can be heavy on the CPU


More Info: 

Recorded at 48000, 24bit 

Recorded with two SE Electronics SE 2300 mics in stereo, and A SM57 shure microphone. 

Up to 6 recorded Dynamic Layers and 12 Round Robins (On Percussion)

Great variety in Sound Design patches 


Unfolding patches slightly premixed for quicker and better results


All Demo's have a limiter on the Masterbus and some EQ and Compression. 

All instruments are performed & recorded by me, except the Female vocals, which was sung by Sophie

Easy and quick install with the Pulse downloader

Free Updates for life

©2020 by Rob van Boogert